From: "Robert P. J. Day" on
A specific question, and a more general observation. Recently, I
noticed that the Mail_mimeDecode package was mis-parsing the
recipients on the "To:" list. Specifically, with email messages where
the raw source contained the To recipients in the multi-line format:

To: address, address,
address, address,
address, address,
... and more ...
address, address // final line, with no trailing comma

the mime decode routine picked up *only* those addresses on the first
physical line and quite clearly never continued parsing the additional
recipients on the following lines. This is, IMHO, a *fatal* bug. It
seems unacceptable to simply miss that many recipients, unless there's
an option I've overlooked that would rectify that.

On a more general note, I popped over to the Mail_mimeDecode bugs page here:

and was a bit disturbed to see the list of apparently "open" bugs,
some of which seem fairly serious. Is that list up to date? Because
if there are open bugs going back to 2004, it seems futile to submit
entries for even more. Can someone clarify what the point of that
bugs page is? Thanks.