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Raimon Fs wrote:
> Hello,
> I have some simple code that works perfectly from irb and from RoR, but
> when I try to run it from TextMate (command R) I'm getting always the
> error:
> PDF::Toolkit::ExecutionError: Error invoking PDFTK
> require "rubygems"
> require 'pdf/toolkit'
> require "ActiveSupport"
> ...
> my_pdf =
> ...
> Any idea of what I'm missing ?
> thanks,
> r.

A year later and still no resolution is posted?

I am having the same problem as those above. I am using winxp, ruby 1.91
and pdftoolkit 0.49

Just like the above, if I type the code into irb it works just fine. If
I run it in an IDE(I use netbeans) then it returns the following error:
`read_data': Error invoking PDFTK (PDF::Toolkit::ExecutionError)
from H:/NetBeansProjects/Beeprocessoradvanced/lib/main.rb:12:in

Someone PLEASE give me an idea of how to resolve this problem. The worst
part is this code is part of a program that worked only a week ago. I
don't know what changed but I went back to run the program and got this
require 'pdf/toolkit'
require 'pp'

outcounter = 0
htmlcounter = 0
inputarray = []
outputarray = []
puts "0"
my_pdf ='c:\process\b')
puts "1"

The above code returns the error on the line "my_pdf ='c:\process\b')" just after it outputs "0".
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