From: Yetiman on

I got a new HP notebook Elitebook 8540p with Windows 7 Professional

When trying to run Windows Update everything works ok.

When I try to run Microsoft Update ( in order to
update all the other Microsoft programs like Office etc I get [Error number:

Strange thing is that the first add-on ('Windows Update' from 'Microsoft
Windows Component Publisher') shows as unknown program from unknown
publisher... I would expect it is signed as coming from Microsoft???

As per instruction from Microsoft I followed Article ID 914224 as this shall
be also applicable for Windows 7 (even if there were lots of error messages
when registering the DLLs and the services have different names) but I
figured out how to rename the SoftwareDistribution folder... however without

Also a Chkdsk, SFC and a CleanBoot (as instructed by Microsoft) did not help.

Latest suggestion from Microsoft was an Inplace Upgrade or a fresh install.
However I did not get any feedback yet if and how that will effect my
installed programs.

Does anybody has an idea what to do?

I dont see any infos on Microsoft Update under Windows 7 in the newsgroups,
however I have seen somewhere that Microsoft Update is NOT working under
Vista... Does Microsoft Update really work with Windows 7 as well?

Any idea on the effect of an Inplace Upgrade to my installed programs?

Or is it the best to drop Windows 7 for now and use the (in the notebook
shipment probably for a good reason included) XP Pro / SP3 downgrade and wait
until Windows 7 SP2 comes out (as instructed by most of my friends)?