From: Eric on
Same thing has happened to me in the last few days. I can now only get offline help in Excel VBA. Trying to get online help just results in 'Page not available'. Main Excel help is still OK and other Office Apps VBA help OK. Just Excel VBA affected.

I emailed Microsoft Support last evening but have had no reply yet.

Just as a matter of interest, do you use McAfee security and did you get a big software version update in the last few days? I did and, although I have no evidence to link the two, I just wondered...

BobEnn wrote:

Excel VBA 'Help'

Up till yesterday the VBA Help utility was available while in the Editor.
Now, on all three, of my computers' "'Help" is no longer there except for the
option to get on-line help. Re-installing (Repair) did not fix the problem.
Any suggestions?

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