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On Apr 4, 11:52 am, "Oliver Moazzezi [MVP]"
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> >Unfortunately I still have two users on dial up and they are usingPOP3
> > and SMTP for their email. Thanks to Apple I also have a couple
> >of users using IMAP and SMTP for email.
> Aha, so that makes sense then. There's nothing you can do with the
> configuration of Exchange then to leviate this issue.
> You will have to put an appliance (server with mail product) that will do
> this for you.
> Oliver

That's what I was afraid of. I'm hoping to eventually get the dial up
user onto a broadband connection but with the iPhone becoming more
prevalant I seem to be handcuffed using IMAP and SMTP. :-(

You may be able to switch to ActiveSync on iPhone when it's available.