From: Jeremy on
I have searched the internet and found several pages where my problem was
listed, but never could I find anything to resolve it.

I'm running 2 servers. One has the CA and HT roles, the other has the MB
and HT roles.

When I type "Test-OutlookWebServices | FL", I get the following errors, and
it is the same weather I run the command on the Mailbox server or the CAS

Id : 1013
Type : Error
Message : When contacting received the error The
server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine

Id : 1017
Type : Error
Message : [EXPR]-Error when contacting the RPC/HTTP service at The elapsed time was 218 milliseconds.

When I attempt to connect via HTTP in Outlook, I get a prompt for Username
and Password. When typed in, it just re-prompts for credential again.
I changed the OutlookAnywhere authentication type to Basic and I still have
the same issue.

Any help would be appreciated.