From: Milan Babuskov on
Vadim Zeitlin wrote:
> MB> I just tested, and that is not the real problem. The reported size is
> MB> correct. Problem is the horizontal scrollbar. Apparently, the decision
> MB> whether to show horizontal scrollbar or not is made before the Size
> MB> event, so any changes you make to grid column widths are not accounted.
> MB>
> MB> Any ideas how to work around that?
> You can use SendSizeEvent() to force a relayout but this is a dirty
> solution and it would be better to avoid it. To be honest I don't really
> understand where does the problem come from: if you process the size event
> before wxGrid (don't you?)

I sure hope so. I did Connect for size event. The grid I'm using has a
single column which I resize dynamically. This is the whole code:

wxGrid *propGrid;
propGrid->Connect( wxEVT_SIZE,
wxSizeEventHandler(MainFrame::OnGridSize), NULL, this);
void MainFrame::OnGridSize(wxSizeEvent& event)
resizeGrid(propGrid, event.GetSize());
void resizeGrid(wxGrid *grid, const wxSize& size)
int wc = size.GetWidth()-50-grid->GetScrollThumb(wxVERTICAL)-2;
grid->SetColSize(0, wc);

Please note that this issue does not happen on each resize, but only
about 60-70% of the time. Sometimes it does not show the horizontal

> If anybody wants to debug this it would be interesting to check how do you
> get into the "need scrolling" branch of wxScrollHelper::DoAdjustScrollbar().

I'm not sure I understood this. Could you tell me how to modify the
above code to try that?


Milan Babuskov