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FAQ Topic - How do I get my browser to report javascript

There are debugging tools for many browsers. Learn to use them all.


Fiddler is an HTTP Debugging proxy (it won't find script
errors). Fiddler logs HTTP activity, like Firebug's Net
tab, but can be attached to any browser running on Windows.

Windows IE
Microsoft Script Editor. Included with Visual Studio or Microsoft
Word 2003 (discontinued in Office 2007).
To enable,
` Tools `, ` Internet Options `, ` Advanced `, and uncheck
` Disable Script Debugging `. After enabling Script Debugging,
a ` Script Debugger ` option will appear in the ` View ` menu.

for testing IE 5.5- IE8.

` console ` for IE.

_Note:_ For debugging scripts in IE, the Microsoft Script _Editor_
is recommended. However, if not available, the

may be somewhat helpful.

To report errors: Wait until a little yellow
triangle appears at the left end of the status bar, double click
on it and, when the error dialog box appears, check the "Always
show errors" checkbox it contains.

Or, ` Internet Options `, ` Advanced `, deselect ` "Disable Script Debugging" `,
select ` "Display a notification ..." `.


` Tools > Error console ` (` Ctrl ` + ` Shift ` + ` j `).

YSlow analyzes web pages and tells you why they're slow
based on Yahoo's rules for high performance web sites.

Lori or Life-of-request info, is useful for troubleshooting
server response and page load time.

XPath generator, editor and inspector.


Tools > Advanced > Error console


To display the ` Develop ` menu in Safari 3.1 or higher, select
the checkbox labeled "Show Develop menu in menu bar" in
Safari's ` Advanced ` Preferences panel.


JavaScript Console: click the ` Page ` menu icon and select
` Developer > JavaScript Console `. From here, you'll be
able to view errors in the JavaScript execution, and enter
additional javascript commands to execute.

JavaScript Debugger: available as ` Page ` menu icon > ` Developer `
> Debug JavaScript, the debugger provides a command prompt from which you
can set breakpoints, backtrace, and more. Type ` help ` at the debugger
command line to get started.




Mac IE

Use the Preferences dialog.

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