From: Johnw on
D. wrote :
> My fonts have definitely faded .
> Is there a setting for this or might
> it be time for a " new " monitor ?
> TIA ,
> D.

Borrow another monitor to try first, that will then tell you if it is
the monitor.

Make sure the cables at the rear are straight, not pushed up against a
wall & kinked.
Also the connections are tight.

degauss monitor

Roadkil's Monitor Test

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From: Tim Meddick on
I have read the other replies.

However, before replacing your monitor.

Some Video Adaptors (half the display) have their own color / contrast /
brightness settings - it just depends what type of adaptor you have and if
it comes with some accompanying software.

To find out : right-click on a vacant area of desktop and select

(or goto Control Panel and select "Display")

This will bring up "Display Properties".

In "Display Properties", click on the "Settings" tab (across the top).

Then, on the "Settings page", click on the "Advanced" button.

On the "page" clicking on the "Advanced" button brings up, you should see
various headings or "tabs".

One of which is called "Adaptor", and here, depending what is installed on
your system, you can change the refresh-rate and display-mode (size to
pixel ratio) . This may help bring out a better display quality just by
changing this setting.

However, if you are lucky, there will be another page-heading or "tab"
(such as Intel (R) Extreme Graphics) and it is on this "page" you can find
settings for contrast, brightness and color tone plus options to save your
settings as a scheme.

The worst is that you don't have these options on your PC , but you would
be loosing out if you did have them but didn't look...


Cheers, Tim Meddick, Peckham, London. :-)

"D." <wdstk(a)> wrote in message
> My fonts have definitely faded .
> Is there a setting for this or might
> it be time for a " new " monitor ?
> TIA ,
> D.

From: Johnw on
After serious thinking D. wrote :
> The adjustments on my monitor
> are not functional ,
Display Tuner

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From: Johnw on
D. has brought this to us :
> Many Thanks Tim ,
> You are SO correct !
> I shall try them and let you
> know of my results .

More info.

WinXP: Customizing the Look
WinXP: Messing with the Display
To change the refresh frequency for your monitor

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