From: Emmy Noether on
The XEMACS programmers have documented in writing that Richard
Matthews Stallman asked them to explain every single line of code.

They got exasperated and would explain him blocks.

I suspect that they were playing the same game as him - perhaps giving
him the same medicine.

If he was NEEDY of an explanation of every single line, isn't it
UTTERLY SHAMELESS of him to deny others similar information and give
them such a puzzle ?

We have the right to tell the people what it really is all about.

By writing the GNU license, he eliminated the competition only from
those one-in-a-million who were persistent enough to read his code and
figure it out.

This is because by not documenting and describing his softwares, he
ensured that there is little chance that the multitude would be able
to take the code and do anything with it.

But by writing the GNU license, he made sure that those few who can
understand it cant take it away and build on it.

An new type of license is needed that requires concurrent
documentation with each release, even if hand-written. Scans can be
put together in a pdf and diagrams drawn with hand.

From: Rui Maciel on
Emmy Noether wrote:

<snip nonsense/>
> Mackenzie, bring a properly written documentation by FSF for example
> on emacs of gcc. I want to see where RMS got his ideas ? Did he
> invent
> all of them himself ? Is he giving proper references to the sources
> of
> the ideas ? Is that plagiarism ?
> I am sick of such jews/zionists like RMS, Roman Polansky, Bernard
> Madoff, Larry Ellison (he had to pay 100K in court to a chinese girl
> he screwed), Stephen Wolfram, Albert Einstein spreading anti-semitism
> by their flagrant unethical behaviour.
<snip more nonsense/>

You are a lousy troll.

Rui Maciel
From: Stephen Hansen on
On 7/17/10 12:09 PM, Emmy Noether wrote:
> I am sick of such jews/zionists [...]

This racist rant may be on-topic for some of the other newsgroups/lists
you are cross-posting to, but it is most assuredly not on topic for
Python. Also, its just daft. But that's another thing entirely.



Stephen Hansen
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From: David Kastrup on
Emmy Noether <emmynoether3(a)> writes:

>> Some entity, AKA David Kastrup <d...(a)>,
>> wrote this mindboggling stuff:
>> (selectively-snipped-or-not-p)
>>>> Software is a puzzle and it must be explained to be able to do that,
>>>> its like a lock
>>> There is no unfreedom involved here. �Freedom does not hand you a free
>>> ride. �Only a free road.
> No one asks for a free ride. A free road is good enough.

Obviously you don't understand what you are talking about.

> Perhaps we do the same to him and break into his FSF office and leave
> a "friend" note we came to get the docs he has not released.

You can't "get" anything that has not been written.

> The concise answer: We want a free road but not a free puzzle.

You have the freedom to walk the forest you perceive. You have the
freedom to build the road that you want, in that forest.

If it is a puzzle to you, that is your own problem. It is not a puzzle
because somebody would have cut a whole into pieces and scattered them
around. It is a puzzle because nobody put it together yet.

Feel free to do so, doing others the service you want done.

> Now, dont run away from this argument and bring each and every of the
> boys from his mailing list to tackle this question. He is a manager
> and he can put the volunteers to the task of documenting, illuminating
> and revealing the operation of his softwares and its evolution.

You want a free ride, very obviously.

> He owes it to others

And you think your whining entitles you to it.

What did you ever do to _deserve_ others working for you?

David Kastrup
From: Nick on
Emmy Noether <emmynoether3(a)> writes:

> On Jul 7, 1:57 pm, bolega <gnuist...(a)> wrote:
>> "Democracy is sick in the US, government monitors your Internet"
>> Enjoy .....
> In this video, Stall man makes 4 promises to public but stalls on 2nd
> of them.

I have no idea of the rights or wrongs of this case. But I've found
through experience that when someone uses a "witty" misspelling of
someone's name, they are almost always the one in the wrong. 5 lines in
and here we are - so if your case has merit, think about whether you
want to do this.

BTW - Did you see what I did there? I snipped all the rest of the post
as it wasn't relevant. I know several people have asked you to do it,
but you seem to be having difficulty with the concept, so I thought I'd
give you a practical example.
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