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On Wed, 04 Oct 2006 16:04:49 GMT, ---@--- (Robert Scott) wrote:

>I have an approximation for the Pythagorean distance formula (magnitude of
>vector [x,y]) using integer arithmetic that I would like to improve. Currently
>I am using this:
>The improvement I am looking for is in accuracy. I would like to try for a
>4-fold improvement in accuracy (.5%) without substantially increasing the
>running time of what I have now. Does anyone know of a better approximation
>that is almost as fast?
>Robert Scott
>Ypsilanti, Michigan

Hi Robert,

0.5% max error is a tough goal to achieve.
(I don't speak "C", so I'm not able understand your
Have ya' had a look at:

"A Root of Less Evil", IEEE Signal Processing
Magazine, DSP Tips & Tricks column, Vol. 22,
No. 2, March 2005.

There's a scheme in that article that yields
1% max error in magnitude approximation.

Good Luck,
Ypsilanti, huh? Have they fixed the
roads in Michigan yet?