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>> DoMenuItem
> When Access changes, especially big changes like the Ribbon, there's
> really
> no way to know if the menu items are going to be the same. acMenuVer70 is
> suppose to keep it backwards compatible, but.....
> Even worse is using SendKeys, but that's a different story.
> Instead use RunCommand. The first command sets the focus on the text box
> that you want to search.
> Col1.SetFocus
> DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdFind
> One Second! What precisely isn't working: the find at all or the leaving
> it
> blank part? You may need to set up the default find settings.
> Check out Application.SetOption. Below are some I used in A97 databases
> but
> they seem to work in A07 also..
> 'Set some database defaults found in Tools, Options
> ' Put in the Open event of the startup form
> ' Set Default Locking to Edited Record
> Application.SetOption "Default Record Locking", 2
> ' Set Default Open Mode for Databases to Shared
> Application.SetOption "Default Open Mode for Databases", 0
> ' Set Default Find/Replace Behavior to Start of Field Search
> Application.SetOption "Default Find/Replace Behavior", 2
> In the case of "Application.SetOption "Default Record Locking", 2" Default
> Record Locking has three choices and the one I want is the third so, of
> course, I put in 2 for the arguement. That's because it starts numbering
> at 0
> instead of 1.
> Put the above code in the Open Event of your opening form. One other
> strange
> thing is that the database may need to be opened and closed twice on the
> user's computer for the change to take effect. The first time the database
> opens, it makes the changes. The second time the changes are in effect.
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> "Smitee2006" wrote:
>> I have a form view where users can see a listing of all clients in
>> datasheet
>> view. On this same form is a button that users can push to be prompted
>> for a
>> client name or a portion of a client's name in order to search the
>> listing
>> and have it filter down the results. Hitting the button and leaving the
>> prompt blank will return the full client listing again. This button no
>> longer works now that I am working in Access 2007. Anybody have any
>> ideas
>> why this might be? I've included the button's
>> underlying code for information.
>> Private Sub FilterClient_Click()
>> On Error GoTo Err_FilterClient_Click
>> DoCmd.DoMenuItem acFormBar, acRecordsMenu, 2, , acMenuVer70
>> Exit_FilterClient_Click:
>> Exit Sub
>> Err_FilterClient_Click:
>> MsgBox Err.Description
>> Resume Exit_FilterClient_Click
>> End Sub
>> Thanks in advance for assistance.