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Is there such a thing as a graphic that is fluid -- does not force
a rigid width? (ascii graphics excepted)

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> > You can also set the size of an image as a percentage width. This
> > can create some odd effects, however, depending on the nature of
> > the graphic and its size. For example, on this page:
> >
> >
> >
> > The image in the top left has the following applied:
> >
> > .sidebar img {
> > padding-top: 0.5em;
> > width: 100%;
> > }
> >
> Yes, and in this case the image grows or shrinks according to
> font size (indirectly because nav width is controlled in em I
> presume). You can also do this sort of thing directly by widthing
> the image in em in CSS.
> I did almost the exact thing you have done, David, on a site a
> while back. And, yes, the pic was the biggest and best quality
> for the likeliest poor sighted user (good advice you gave on this
> btw) but I recall it looking shithouse in IE.

IE is amazingly consistent in some regards...