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From: Richard Dobson on
[with apologies for cross-posting]

Hello all,

this has been sitting on a shelf for far too long, virtually unused. I
got it a couple of years ago in a rare moment of employedness, with the
intention of developing some dsp plugins for ProTools (the dsp is the
56371). Suffice it to say this has not happened, and it is now sitting
alone and ignored while I follow other interests.

It is a nice board which packs a lot into a small space - four stereo
codecs up to 192KHz, SPDIF i/o option on one codec, so up to 8 channels
out, can be made to run standalone by programming the onboard EEPROM, or
hosted by a PC via USB. It would be a good starting point for
multi-channel audio dsp explorations (IMO the ex-Motorola 56K series is
still one of the best around, despite being "only" 24bit fixed-point).
There is a lot of example 56K code scattered around the net.

The Freescale page describing it is here (NB line wrap):

I am looking for offers at or above �120, plus postage if required. This
will be of interest primarily to people in the UK, but maybe Europe as
well - the relatively low US price does not translate well this side of
the pond! The current list price from Farnell (UK distributor) is around
For anyone troubling to collect in person, I have sundry 56K documents
(including the original Motorola 56K programmers manual) which I can
throw in ad lib.


Richard Dobson
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