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>I don't see why learning Fortran 95 (or enough C++) should be such a
>hurdle for people who have problems that are taking too long run in
>Matlab or Python. A related thread from June 2009 in this newsgroup
>was "Should Fortran be taught to Undergraduates?"
>From Scripting to Scaling
>Multi-core is challenging even the most battle-scared programmer
>Craig Lucas
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>I am a big believer in the scientist being allowed to do their
>science, and spending a large amount of their research time learning a
>new language and then learning a parallel one too doesn't seem a great
>use of time, especially as those Ph.D. years tick away. So, the
>question is: Is that what should they do?
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Nice article,

but as always, leaves us with that unanswerable question. It wasn't
answerable 30 years ago, it isn't now, IMHO. To each his own.

But I'm wondering, why is OpenMP not mentioned ? Is it that not used
in contrast to ...MPI ?