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I'm having some baffling behavior on a computer and I need some help.

I have a new computer (Dell T5500) with XP Pro SP3 that I setup that is
acting strange. Every time I try write files to a network drive while
logged into my domain it begins to copy and then fails. If I copy a
group of small files several files will successfully write and then it
fails at a random file. If I copy a large file it will begin and then
fail. I've tried all kinds of files from different locations on my local
hard drive. I can copy files from the network onto my local hard drive.
I have roaming profiles turned on. Since I can't write to any server it
can't write anything to the profile. If I log into any other computer on
the network I can write to the network drives just fine. Even when I log
in as the domain admin I can't write to a network drive including my own
profile on the domain server. If I log into a local computer account I
can map a drive and copy files to the server with no problems. But as
soon as I log into a domain account it has the behavior as I described
earlier. The fact that it starts the copying process and succeeds with
several files before giving me a access denied error is strange.

I posted this on the active directory thinking it was a group policy
issue, but got no reply.

I've done some more troubleshooting and rebuilt the box multiple times.
I have two identical boxes except for the RAID card (3Ware 9650 12ML).
The one without the RAID works just fine. I have even ghosted the
working image to the one with the RAID card and then installed the RAID
card driver. I get the same error. So that means it is a RAID card
issue. Is there some kind of compatibility between the NIC and RAID? I
have even tried a couple of different NIC cards with the same results.
I can't figure out why a RAID card would affect the ability to write to
a network drive.


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