From: Eduardo Rguez on
im working with u propel class library NET_CDDB, im dealing with a error for
a while....i dont haver any tip to fix it....can u help me?
the basic problem is..i cant get information of the disc because i cant set
a real connection to the server... with out red connection i ask for the
connection '$cddb_http->connect();' an dthe result is s a

can anybody help me?

my function is:

public function executeIndex()

$params_http = array('host' => 'localhost', );
$cddb_http = new Net_CDDB_Client('http://keithpalmerjr(a)',
'test:///dev/acd0', $params_http);

$this->cnn = $cddb_http->connect();

$disc = $cddb_http->getDetailsByDiscId('misc','d410710e');

$artist = $disc->getArtist(); //this is the line 52
$this->artist = $artist;


the out put is:

*Fatal error*: Call to a member function getArtist() on a non-object in *
C:\wamp\www\genAd\apps\frontend\modules\cddb\actions\actions.class.php* on
line *52*

PD: im workin with symfony, i just want get information from freedb,
PD: the disc exist at freedb

Disk Information:

Tracks: 14
Total time: 70:06
Disc-ID: misc / d410710e

[No CD available!]

1. europa SANTANA 4:58
2. epitaph KING CRIMSON 8:46
3. hey you PINK FLOYD 4:40
4. catch the raibow RAINBOW 6:29
5. whenthe smoke going dawn SCORPIONS 3:48
6. all my love LED ZEPPELIN 5:51
7. is this love WHITESNAKE 4:40
8. waiting for a gerl like you FOREIGNER 4:49
9. the show must go on QUEEN 4:23
10. let my roll it PAUL MAC CARTNEY 4:46
11. blue jean blues ZZ TOP 4:41
12. iput a spell on yoy REVIVAL 4:36
13. summertime JONIS JOPLIN 3:59
14. wonderful tonight ERIC CLAPTON