From: Bart Thate on
Hello World !

Welcome to the world of Active API ;]

Google released their new Wave API so i quickly ported GZRBOT to the
new API. Now we can finally push to waves instead of using polling.
This makes pushing feeds to waves possible, and this is one of the
main things GZRBOT can do. We now use pubsubhubbub service provided by to fetch our RSS and Atom feeds for us and have them
pushed to the bot, which we then forward to the waves that have been
subscribed ( or jabber clients for that matter)

This release is BETA1 which doesnt mean the code is fixed yet as
BETA2,3,4 and RC1, 2, 3 etc are still ahead before 0.2 is released. So
this is kind of bleeding edge and you might want to wait for 0.2.1 or
so ;]

If you like to play around with wave/jabber bots on GAE then this is
the bot for you.

Code is at the mercurial repo:

hg clone

Or download the tarball at

Basic documentation is at and i made a wave
available if you want to try the bot with me or have questions and

Hope you enjoy it !


about GZRBOT:

GZRBOT is a general purpose bot for wave, web and xmpp. It uses a
structure to provide easy programming of commands and callbacks,
you to implement your own "killer plugin".

GZRBOT comes with some plugins provided, for example:

- Hubbub plugin that uses to get RSS feed pushed
instead of
pulling them ourselves. This lowers the load on the bot considerably.
max of 1000 feeds is for free.

- Watcher plugin that let you watch waves, get notified in jabber when
waves updates. (the bots sends the updated txt)

- Wave plugin that provides help with wave management. I'm working
on wave cloning after say x blips, so that larger conversations can be
created in google wave. UNDER DEVELOPMENT

- This is mostly needed for the last plugin i want to mention and that
the gozernet plugin. The plugin allows for relaying of events between
GZRBOT (Wave/Web/XMPP) and GOZERBOT (IRC/Jabber). IRC and Wave can be
bridged this way. UNDER DEVELOPMENT

GZRBOT is free code (BSD) and can be cloned as needed ;]

note: as of 0.2 GZRBOT uses the new v2 Wave API and thus needs
registration with google.