From: Beverly Howard on
>> Missing Triangles <<

An FYI for those using Google Calendar Sync, creating a calendar event
using the Google Calendar Web Interface does not set "BUSY" as the event

This is a factor since "BUSY" is the norm when events are created on the
device or in Outlook on a sync pc.

As a result, "event triangles" do not appear on the windows mobile
monthly calendar view as most of us are used to.

"BUSY" is, however, "settable" when creating events on the web
interface, but, since it is not the default, it is easy to miss it when
the event is created.

Worse, it looks like this "BUSY" flag is not updated in subsequent
syncs, so, recreating events with BUSY set seems to be the only way to
get events to appear as "triangles" in monthly view on the device.

There is also no way to set "busy" as the google default.

>> All Day <<

For those of us with windows mobile devices, remember also that when
creating events, Google Calendar defaults to "all day" which,
historically, creates notification problems on windows mobile, and, as
above, there seems to be no way to default google calendar to prevent
this from happening.

Hope this info is of value,
Beverly Howard