From: The Fool on the Hill on
Dear Excel-lent users,

I want to know how many hours a resource is booked per week, knowing they
have multiple tasks per week. I have two sheets in which I want to process
the hours per task per week per resource (Sheet 1) and in Sheet 2 I want to
know what the total hours per week are one resource has been booked for.

For Sheet 1:
-I have the names of the resources in column H (names can occur multiple
-in Q3:AR323 I have the hours the are working on per task per week.

For Sheet 2:
In Row 2 (B2:AC2) I have the numbers of the week starting from 1 till 28
In Column 1 (A3:A24) I have the names of the resources

Can someone please help me with this?

Thank you !!

Kind regards