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Willard;1547468 Wrote:
> WinXPproSP3
> I have a program (RegCure) which auto starts even after deleting it
> from
> the quick launch tray..

I know this thread is old but here's a tip anyway:

RegCure doesn't place the automatic startup function as a HKLM/RUN key
(in the windows registry) as most other programs with an auto startup
function, but instead it adds the auto startup function as a -windows
task- which is automatically run on user log on.

To prevent the RegCure auto start do the following:

Locate and delete -C:\WINDOWS\Tasks\RegCure Startup-, or right click
the task and deactivate it if you only want to prevent the RegCure auto
start temporarily.

To reinstall RegCure and uncheck "RegCure Start", as willard writes,
will do the trick as well of cause.

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