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That is exactly what I needed. I feel stupid for not having looked around
when I was in there. I have modified the original and removed the duplicate.
I am a happy camper.

"Roger Govier" wrote:

> Hi
> Second part first
> Select the field first from the dropdown>click Modify
> To get rid of a field, select the field from the dropdown>Delete
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> Regards
> Roger Govier
> TheTraveler wrote:
> > I have created two fields in my Pivot Table. However, the first one had an
> > error in it. I tried to modify it, but was unsuccessful. So, I just did it
> > again. This means not only creating a new name, the original field stays in
> > the Field List. So, I guess my post has two questions. How do you modify a
> > Field? and How do you remove a Field?
> .