From: Greg on
nope, even when opened in Word or even back in Excel, they open with ????
instead of the proper characters.

"Sheeloo" wrote:

> Excel must be exporting the special characters correctly. The text editor you
> use does not support special characters. Try to import the text file in MS
> Word and see whether you get the right characters...
> TXT files are typically designed to support characters upto ASCII 128 and
> special characters have codes higher than 128.
> "Greg" wrote:
> > I am trying to find the best way to create an excel file which will be using
> > special characters like what you see for pronunciation in a dictionary like
> > long and short vowels. I will need to export this to a tab delemented TXT
> > file for InDesign to import. We have basically been using the Insert
> > Character in Excel to pick the correct special characters but they come in
> > all different fonts and do not work for exporting. Just gives my TXT file a
> > bunch of "?".
> >
> > This is something new with me and I might have the lingo incorrect so any
> > ideas of how to go about this would be helpful. I think basically I just
> > need to know which font to choose in Excel that supports special characters
> > that can be seen in a basic Notepad TXT file.