From: Dan Tabla on
Thx everyone for any idea!!!

I need to set up backround with multiple pictures because I have an
application that requires to fill in 20 screens.
I had a good ideea to make print screens as long as I go along the
applications steps and set up the Excel Workbook' backround
(Format/Sheet/Backround works only for 1 picture and is repeting infinelty)
with this print screens and I can type the desired values on top of the
pictures simulating that I m using the original application (just to keep a
good track of work).
After I finalize this filling step I have a VBA procedure that is using
SendKeys function to send the desired/typed values to the original
In the end I can save the excel workbook so I wont have to work out all the
steps as long as they are very repetitive to a certain point.

Tkx a lot for any help! This is a lovely community here!