From: DaveLS on
I'm trying to map XML to a range of rows but, for some reason, Excel (2007)
is only mapping it to the first row of the range. I've created an XML file
and imported it. Then, I right-click on the root element and choose Map
Element. Excel asks "Where do you want to map the XML elements?" I click and
drag a range of contiguous cells and it updates the range in the little
dialog box. The range displayed include the full range of columns and rows so
I hit OK. But then Excel only shows the first row with the blue border. And
when I export it only exports the first row.

What am I doing wrong? I've done this before successfully with a slightly
different map and it was working fine. I can't figure out what I'm doing
wrong today.

David Salahi
From: DaveLS on
OK, I figured out the answer to my own question. The problem was that the
sample XML that I created to define the XML map had only a single XML node.
You have to have at least two XML nodes or "records" in order to map the node
as a repeating element.