From: Pete Ford on
On 15/07/10 06:03, Paul M Foster wrote:
> On Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 09:28:53PM -0700, Slith One wrote:
>> I'm developing an app using Zend Framwork using Git for version control.
>> What is the best approach for updating the schema and the database
>> when one of us makes an update to the db structure?
>> currently, we have to blow out the tables and recreate them manually
>> to reflect the new updates.
> I'm probably being naive, but don't you have an ALTER TABLE sql
> statement available to you?
> Also, for what it's worth, I don't build tables manually (at the command
> line or whatever). I always create a script which will build the tables
> I need. If, for some crazy reason, I do have to restart from scratch,
> it's a simple matter to alter that script and re-run it.
> Paul

Scripting is the way to go for database changes: every time I have to make a
schema change I write an SQL script to do the job, including any manipulation of
data required. Then I make a copy of the real data and test the hell out of the
change script before going live with it.
You can commit the database script to your source control at the time you commit
the code changes, and then when you update the live system you run any new
scripts at the same time.

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