From: Fabio Zadrozny on
2010/4/25 sanam singh <sanamsingh(a)>:
> Hi,
> I want to debug my c++blocks which are dynamically loaded into python for
> execution. I am using wingide for debugging python. But its limitation is
> that when c++module is called in python script it doent take me into c++
> module. What I want is that I should be able to visually see the c++ code
> (unlike gdb) when it is called from the python script and I should be able
> to debug it ( step out, step into etc).And when c++ module ends it should
> take me back into the python module. In other words, I want to follow my
> program line by line.
> Please guide me.
> Thank you.
> Regards,
> Sanam

Hi Sanam,

The usual way to work that way is having one of the debuggers work in
remote debug mode (so, if you launch it from a python ide, the c++
remote debugger should connect to it remotely, or if you launch it
from the c++ ide, the python debugger should connect to it remotely).

What I usually use is the pydev remote debugger
( and msvc (through
tools > attach to process).