From: Robert Kern on
On 6/3/10 10:05 PM, ray wrote:
> Hi all,
> I code the program that using enthought.traits.api ,
> enthought.traits.ui.api.
> I want to genereate execute file.I try PY2EXE,bb-
> freeze,cx_freeze,Pyinstaller ,but the execute files can not run
> successful.
> The attach file is my source code.
> My environment :
> 1.Python 2.6.2
> 2. OS platform is MS Windows XP.
> Anybody can share the experience ?

Our GUI components use some dynamic imports to provide the backend
implementations. Most of those tools require you to explicitly state some of
those backend-specific subpackages since they cannot introspect them directly
from the import statements. Specifically, enthought.traits.ui.wx and
enthought.pyface.ui.wx (replace "wx" with "qt4" if you are using PyQt). The way
you do this is different for each tool; you will have to consult its documentation.

You will want to ask future questions about ETS on our mailing list:

Robert Kern

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