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Thanx Guys.. got it sorted ;-)

The PC Had an OEM Recovery Partition..!

Information For other readers ..

Pressing F11 Activates the Recovery program, and user can specify to
Format or not, Full/Partial Recover
And Correct Licensed Version XP for the Machine is re-Installed from
the Partition..!

Thanx for the replies Guys ;-)

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|I have recently been given a PC to Repair, from a client.
| XP-Pro Has Failed the Genuine Windows License Check..
| Which the customer presumes was done by a relative trying to repair
| the machine..!
| The machine Has a Valid License for XP-Home Edition, and I have an
| XP-Home Disk(Not the Original),
| and the customer would Not like to loose the Data on the machine.
| 1) What is best way to Install Over XP-Pro,is Re-format required ..?
| 2) Will the license Key be valid for the installation from my disk
| Any Feedback would be appreciated
| Andrew ;-)