From: Hilmar Bunjes on
Am 09.04.2010 19:31, schrieb Cal Who:
> Some HTML elements seem to always start a new line.
> Two<asp.Menu> elements, one after the other in the code, appear on two
> lines even though there is no<br /> between them.
> I would like them to be next to each other on the same line.
> Can that be done?

This should help you:

From: Hilmar Bunjes on
Am 10.04.2010 18:59, schrieb Cal Who:

> That's good reading. Maybe I did something's wrong but first I enclosed each
> menu element in a span with no effect.
> The I removed the spans and added Display:inline to the css class for the
> menus. That also did nothing.
> So I then put them into a table of one row and two columns and that fixed
> it.
> I'm new so I probably did not do the things I said I did exactly correct.

Maybe you can rearrange the entries via float
( Put them all
as float:left and they will show up next to each other. After the menu
you should put a div with style="clear:both".

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