From: philo on
On 05/06/2010 03:58 AM, Maelmoro wrote:
>> How did you delete it? Did it go to your Recycle Bin? If so, have you
>> emptied the Recycle Bin?
> Yes sure! In fact I'm desperate.. and looking for any solution..

Stop using your machine *at once*

the longer you use it...the greater the chance of the file being

There are many undelete software packages avail

just do a Google search...

then install the software on *another* machine

remove the drive that has the lost data on it
and either slave it or connect it to the recovery machine with a USB
external enclosure

the important thing is to stop using your machine at once
From: Phillip J. Fry on
Maelmoro wrote:
> I accidentally removed one file (C:\AAA\BBB.txt) from my PC! (that is
> Windows XP Pro)
> How can I try to get it?
> T.I.A.