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steph_awk <stephane.larochelle(a)> writes:

> I have been searching for quite some times without success.

Did you try the standard library?

> I have a python script that needs to start from command line and it
> should have a config file to fill out the detais (itis one program,
> and many possible configurations).

The 'ConfigParser' module in Python 2.x, or 'configparser' in Python 3.x
<URL:> reads Windows
INI-style configuration files into Python data structures.

> something as simple as PHP would be nice %> ./PHPscript -c configfile
> is there such a thing in Python?

For handling command-line arguments, see 'optparse'
<URL:> or 'getopt'

A significant improvement is available in the 'argparse' module,
currently third-party <URL:> but on
track for inclusion in the Python standard library

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