From: Snaky Love on

is anybody aware of any updated and / or maintained library for
accessing AWS/PAA with Python? I found the dusty pyamazon and a
derivate of it, pyaws, but both of them do not seem to support request
signatures which must be used by August 15, 2009 to use the Amazon
Services, and generally seem to be a little bit outdated...

Is there a better way doing signed requests to AWS/PAA nowadays? How
are you doing it?

I found a good PHP Library here: - but
I would like to program stuff with python - is there anything pythonic
that is close to that?

Thank you very much for your attention,
have a nice day,
From: Snaky Love on
wow, for some strange reason I did not find this with my first search

I will try this.

sometime I wish all the old stuff would disappear from the internet.
if somebody is looking for a cool startup idea: what about some
website overlay that says "hey, dude, this stuff is old, go here, here
is the new and improved thing!" :)

thanks for your attention.