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> Look at this one!  Look at this one here God.
> Another one hatemongering and spreading hatred and prejudice
> in the name of Jesus.
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> Jesus dies and rises from the dead, many people reflect upon
> His
> passion and death. Pilgrims visit Jerusalem and walk in his
> footsteps
> along the street where He walked Via Dolorosa, I am aware of
> bey thy
> amen, the way of pain stops along the way and remembers what
> happens
> to Jesus. As the years pass the practice spreads throughout
> the world.
> Catholic churches Stations of the Cross are along the walls
> of their
> churches. Pilgrims come to church anytime, pray and move
> from station
> to station.  Churches embrace practice, followers of Christ
> remember
> His death and resurrect. Stations observe Good Friday.
> Remember
> Christ’s way of pain pain of today’s asylum seekers
> imprisoned by
> Government. Asylum is a right of last resort for  people who
> cannot
> count on their own governments to protect them, you force
> them to flee
> their homelands and seek the protection of other governments
> and Gods.
> Many asylum seekers are traumatized and survive torture and
> other
> abuses prolonged detention in jail Migration Information
> Source
> reports in 2002L 18k asylum seekers we detain in U.S.
> Physicians or
> Human Rights’ study in New York; Newark, N.J., and
> Pennsylvania =avg.
> 18 months in jail; prison. Punishment for seeking home. 14.
> Stations
> cross. 14.1. Jesus condemns death.Across the world, men,
> women and
> children force from their home to seek freedom from
> religious,
> political, racial, social and ethnic persecution.deny right
> of
> worship, deny right of dissent, and I deny my right to live
> without
> fear. I am here to seek they are here we ARE HERE to seek
> safety and
> sanctuary. Jesus insulted and did not retaliate with insults
> he
> suffers, He makes no threats. Instead, entrusts me to be the
> One who
> judges just … I AM HERE. AND WAIT. Through His wounds are
> healed. (1
> Peter 2 23-24; See Isaiah 53 5-7) Jesus justly condemns so
> asylum
> seekers in our land been condemned. Although they committed
> no crime,
> looked down on and imprisoned in 200 jails and centers in
> the United
> States. Set them free, O Lord, set them free. 2. Jesus carry
> your
> Cross. Search for safety and flee death, climb mountains,
> stow away on
> ships and pay for false documents all in hopes you stay
> alive. Your
> homes are destroyed, family members executed, no one home is
> left.
> They come here for safety. They are safe! God bless them.
> They were
> placed with them behind bars with criminals of this land.
> Each day, in
> the United States, asylum seekersin prison - men, women and
> children.
> Jesus' state is divine, yet He does not cling to equality
> with God
> make Himself nothing take the very nature of a slave come as
> human
> beings are. (Philippians 2 7-8) Sisters and brothers come
> one by one
> in pairs in groups weigh down life persecute and injust.
> Physical,
> emotional and spiritual violation. Set them free Lord. Set
> them free.
> Family cry Lord yahYVWV  ...”) Jesus fall for the first time
> under
> weight the Cross. Man behind bars. Step across the body of
> your mother
> and father, executed by police. Remember run for your life
> for
> freedom  if you do not leave the country he will be killed
> or jailed.
> Remember arrive at Kennedy Airport and chain to a bench for
> three days
> Sent you to prison. I remember Sound of prison gates. This
> is spoken
> true. This United States land free… I mock Him and strip Him
> of the
> robe and put his clothes on Him. (Matthew 27 31) Our sisters
> and
> brothers survive a brush with death, see death consume
> family and
> friends. They touched death the will to survive brought them
> here. Set
> them free Lord. Set them free. Cry Lord come back yYVQWah
> ...”)
> 14.4. Jesus meet your mother.
> Behind bar she cries.
> She is in a strange land.
> Her tears fall.
> Her children alive?
> One way to find out.
> She goes to court no attorney and no money.
> Another cell, the father cries.
> He arrives with his wife and child.
> I sent to this prison hiswife to another and his child to a
> third
> center.
> People follow Jesus among them women beating their breasts
> and wailing
> for him. (Luke 23 27)
> Mary watches her son struggle the family friends
> asylum seekers helpless loved ones remain.
> Set them free Lord set them free.
> We are overcome
> Simon of Cyrene help Jesus carry His Cross.
> pick up a case some asylum seekers.
> So far less than all.
> NO legal help most deport torture persecute imprison death.
> Carry each other the law of Christ.
> (Galatians 6 2)
> Asylum seekers heav persecutions great.
> Babies tortured.
> Bodies violated.
> Home destroyed.
> Basic human right denied.
> Injustice possible to bear.
> Set them free Lord set them free.
> We are Overcome we walk hand in hand
> Wipe the face of Jesus.
> People gather organize offer detained asylum seeker public
> cry
> freedom.
> Stand together all asylum seekers pray day as it was today
> behind bars
> daughters and sons of Jerusalem do not weep for me but weep
> for
> yourselves your children. Days are here and have arrived
> they now say
> to you this day  blessed are the wombs that never bore…
> (Luke 23 29)
> Every life precious. Asylum seekers defenseless. Pain our
> pain.
> Remember refugee Christ fled political persecution his
> parents asylum
> seeke
> This writing, The Stations of The Cross, is one of many
> writings which
> belongs to The Church of Yahweh. The Church of Yahweh is
> dedicated to
> spreading the proclamation of God's one True, Holy and Real
> Name.
> The human race has lost touch with this Holy Name, and it is
> the
> purpose of this Church to attempt to restore this. The core
> documents
> which hope to outline clearly the nature of God's Real Name
> are "A
> Simple Overview", "I Will Be Who I Will Be", and , "God is
> Not God's
> Name."
> If you have not had the opportunity, I would direct you to
> read these
> at this time.  Without them, this Station of the Cross will
> be tough
> to fully appreciate.
> What does God's Name have to do with the death and
> resurrection of
> Jesus? What does God's name have to do with Christ's
> passion?
> They are exactly the same thing!  One reveals and explains
> the other,
> it turns out.
> Jesus, it is said, "came in the name of the Lord" (Mt 21:9).
> It was
> never intended that the word "Lord" would appear in the
> Bible. The
> word "Lord" is simply a convenience. It is a ruse; it is a
> concealment.
> Every time you see the phrase "The LORD" in all capital
> letters in the
> Bible, especially in the Hebrew Bible, The "Old Testament"
> (though we
> hate that term), it is referring to God's name, YHWH,
> Yahweh.
> It is not my purpose here to go into great detail about that
> name, but
> rather to discuss how Jesus' life, death and resurrection
> relate to
> that name.
>             The truth is that Jesus' entire life, his
> teachings,
> miracles, even his death and resurrection, were all
> explanations and
> clarifications of God's Holy Name YHWH.
> "Blessed is he who comes in the name of YHWH."  You see,
> Jesus' name
> was not "Jesus". There is so much ignorance here...God is
> not God's
> Name, and Jesus wasn't named Jesus!  We sing songs in Church
> about
> Jesus. "Jesus, there's something about that name."  Well,
> indeed there
> is. But, Jesus was not His name!!!
> Language lesson time again:  "Jesus" is the English version
> of the
> Greek word Ieasus, of the Hebrew word Yahshua which was His
> name. (Did
> you follow that?!?)
> A bit slower now:  Jesus is English for a Greek word,
> "Ieasus."
> "Ieasus," is what the Greeks called Jesus.
> Jesus' original ministry was to the Jews, but over the
> course of time,
> Christianity very quickly spread to the Greeks. The Greeks
> spoke,
> obviously, a different language. As the message of
> Christianity passed
> from the Hebrews to the Greeks, Jesus was no longer called
> according
> to His God given Hebrew name, but according to the name that
> the
> Greeks wanted to call Him, Ieasus.
> Ieasus is Greek for Joshua. Joshua, is the English way that
> we
> pronounce Yahshua, pronounced Yah-SHOE-uh.  (For the record,
> you will
> see this spelled many ways: Jeshua, Yeshua, Yeshuah,
> Yehshua,
> Yehshuah, among others.  Converting Hebrew to English
> letters is more
> of an art than a precise science.)
> So here's how it went: Yahshua --> Ieasus --> Jesus.
> Yahshua is spelled in Hebrew
> Those are the Hebrew letters we spell Y-H-S-W-H.
> Those letters are called Yod (Y), Hey (H),  Shin (S),  Vav
> (W) and
> Hey (H).
> And Hebrew is spelled right to left, so "Jesus'" Name, in
> Hebrew, is
> spelled
> Now....Where were we....Oh yes.  "Blessed is he who comes in
> the name
> of YHWH, blessed is he who comes in the name of .
> God The Father has revealed His holy sacred infinite name as
> Yod (Y)
> Hey (H)  Vav (W)  Hey (H).
> Spelled in Hebrew, right to left,
> Jesus' name, Yahshua, is spelled Yod (Y), Hey (H),  Shin
> (S),  Vav (W)
> and  Hey (H)
> (This is something which, unfortunately probably not one in
> a hundred
> people, even inside of religious circles, actually know.)
>         You take an additional letter, an "S," (which in
> Hebrew looks
> like a "w") and you insert it into the very center of YHWH ,
> and you
> come up with Jesus' name YHSWH.
> Spelled in Hebrew, right to left,
> As we draw that name vertically it looks like this:
> The "Shin" represents the heart. "This is my beloved son,
> with whom I
> am well pleased. Hear ye Him!"
> Now here's the first thing we must recognize. In the
> beginning,
> mankind was created in the image of Yod Hey Vav Hey, .
> Adam perfectly reflected God's nature and attributes. That
> is the
> proclamation of the book of Genesis. Through the fall, man
> stopped
> recognizing this, stopped properly reflecting YHWH's nature
> and
> attributes, and through sin and the fall, we became darkened
> creatures. We lost the ability to reflect God's Holy Name.
> Though we were and are created in the image of YHWH, we
> cease to live
> that way. So, God came to the ...
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