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Hi Scott,

I think that you are trying just to give a value when there is an actual
number in cell A10 Right?

If so, this is what you should do:

=IF(A10="","",IF(A10>=1,"True", "False"))

So what is actually doing is that the formula will only calculate the
condition if there is a number present. Another thing you might do too is to
play around with the "conditional formatting box" in word.

Hope that helps,

Vicente Tulliano
Vicente Tulliano

"Scott" wrote:

> I'm trying to write a Conditional Formatting formula for cell C11, if the
> number in Cell A10 is greater than 1.
> I've been trying this without getting the results that I want:
> =A10>=1
> This formula will fill cell C11, however when value in A10 is removed, C11
> still remains with that fill, when I want it to be unformatted.
> Any ideas?
> Thanks