From: Gabriel Genellina on
En Tue, 09 Feb 2010 19:55:30 -0300, Mark Jones <mark0978(a)>

> Python 2.6.4 is built, and I found a bdist_wininst project and
> wininst-8 project.
> How do I manage to build the msi for this thing?

See the Tools\msi directory; and look for some posts last year from Tim
Golden regarding some issues with the directory layout and other details.

Gabriel Genellina

From: Tim Golden on
On 11/02/2010 05:24, Mark Jones wrote:
[... problems building from tools/msi ...]

I sympathise. I went through similar hoops last year, merely to
be able to do it. I think I'm right in saying that very few
people are bothered enough to package their own MSI on windows
because the (probably very few) developers who have a need to
run bleeding-edge Python, eg to test out patches or whatever,
can simply run from <checkout>\pcbuild\python_d.exe or whatever.
And everyone else simply runs the MSI provided on

I'm fairly sure I'm right in saying that it's Martin von L
who builds the MSIs for and if I haven't done it
before I'd like to offer him a vote of thanks for having done
and for continuing to do this. The tools/msi is used by him
to do those builds and does make certain assumptions. One,
in particular, is that you have an *existing* copy of some
recent Python running somewhere. (I use python25, I think).
Altho' it might be nice to be able to bootstrap, in practice
it isn't a problem.

For interest's sake I offer my make-snapshots area which I
use to build trunk or branches for Python 2.x / 3.x when I
have the change:

Feel free to look at least to see what I'm doing. I think I
didn't bother with Tix (I don't use Tkinter) so thanks for
providing some input on that; I may well go back and retrofit.