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> 主题: Re: I wander which is better? JSP or Python? And is there a place for JSP?
> On Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 9:49 PM, Roger <rogerdai16(a)> wrote:
> > As I plan to study JSP, I find it extremly complicated and a part of
> > J2EE.
> > I did not attend to get the whole of J2EE.
> > I hope anybody can describe the future of JSP.
> > Is there a place for JSP?
> This is python-list/comp.lang.python; we discuss the **Python**
> programming language and related topics here. Your question is about
> **Java** and has nothing to do with Python.

2010/6/27 rogerdai16 <rogerdai16(a)>
Subject: I wander which is better? JSP or Python? And is there a place for JSP?
> Oh, sorry. I was just to make a comparison between Python and JSP.Will Python take the place of JSP?

Ah, my apologies, I neglected to notice your post's Subject, which is
where you establish the relation to Python. (I hate it when people put
critical info in the Subject but don't explicitly mention this in the
message body...)

You're asking for a very apples-and-oranges comparison. Python is an
entire general-purpose programming language (as is Java), whereas JSP
is (approximately) a Java web templating technology, something much
more specific.

So, could Python /itself/ replace JSP? No, of course not; like I said,
apples and oranges.
Python Server Pages (
) vs. JSP would be a more apt comparison. However, PSP per se doesn't
seem to be used much. Also, drop-in replacing JSP with PSP or similar
would involve extra complexity in trying to integrate the two
languages together, and thus probably not be worth the trouble
(although Jython might remedy this somewhat).

So, zooming out further in order to move towards more sensible
comparisons: Can Python replace Java in web applications? Yes, surely.
Many significant, successful web applications have been written in
Python using various Python web frameworks (e.g. Django), which often
include their own Python-based templating system. Is it a good idea to
port something from Java to Python just for the sake of using Python?
Probably not; if it ain't broke, don't fix it (though that's not to
say don't refactor it).

Zooming out even further, hopefully to the level of question you meant
to ask: Could/Will Python displace Java (and thus JSP) for web
Who can say? It would be something of a religious debate.
In the abstract, yes, I think it could; the requisite mature,
well-designed web frameworks are already extant. Over time, they might
attract more newbies than Java frameworks (although I am admittedly
only guessing here based on Java stereotypes).
Realistically, no, it won't, except perhaps in the extreme long run
(Java has too much momentum); but we Pythonistas are having enough fun
doing our own web stuff in Python-land that we don't need to try and
be hyper-competitive and actively usurp Java's existing niche in the
web application ecosystem.

I hope this thorough answer sufficiently compensates for my improperly
bitey initial response.