From: jeff on
I've been looking at the transforms possible in FF and Safari:

IE has this:,loband).aspx

To me that is just about inscrutable. What does this mean?:

<!-- fnResize function -->
//oObj input requires an matrix filter applied.
//flMultiplier input defines the amount by which the oObj is resized.
function fnResize(oObj,flMultiplier)
oObj.filters.item(0).M11 *= flMultiplier;
oObj.filters.item(0).M12 *= flMultiplier;
oObj.filters.item(0).M21 *= flMultiplier;
oObj.filters.item(0).M22 *= flMultiplier;

oObj looks like it has a filter transform already applied and it
mentions a filter type, but it doesn't say what those could be.

M11 to M21 must be corners, but why the item(0)?

Why do people love IE?