From: Mark on

I've been doing some log analysis from one of our websites and I'm seeing
some peculiar things.

Specifically, I'm seeing that the time-taken column for some requests is
running into multiple minutes, sometimes as high as 20 minutes - obviously
far outside the limit of the ASP.Net timeout limit.

My presumptions on why/how this is happening boil down to bad network
connections to the client - lots of packet resends. ASP.Net hands off the
bytes to IIS for transmission but who knows how long that will take? Either
a patchy network or a patchy client or an intentional tweaking by someone
malicious could drag it out a long time ("Eh? What's that? Couldn't hear
what you said.")

If I'm anywhere in the ball park, it leads to a few questions:
1) Is there any setting to govern how long IIS will try to send the bytes?
A number of the requests in the log have substatii of 64, 121, or 1236 (all
network errors) but a bunch of the really long ones were eventually
successful. I'd just rather not take a half hour to get there.

2) Once ASP.Net hands the bytes to the transport layer, does the request
stay active in the ASP.Net queue until it hears the request is done? That
might also explain some instances where I see requests (even small ones) that
have sat on the queue 4+ seconds before even getting to start.

3) We're using IIS 6 with the Blowery compression module... Does adding a
custom module in on the back end complicate the transmission section of


From: Allen Chen [MSFT] on
Hi Mark,

>Specifically, I'm seeing that the time-taken column for some requests is
>running into multiple minutes, sometimes as high as 20 minutes - obviously
>far outside the limit of the ASP.Net timeout limit.

Does it happen for a particular site? Are you sure the executionTimeout
( setting of that
site is less than 20 mins and that site is an ASP.NET web site?

Allen Chen
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