From: Michael Kincaid on
FWIW, we're seeing exactly this error too. Not only that, but when one of
these events occurs, it seems that MAPI/RPC request threads lock up too, and
so all clients including Outlook are also non-responsive for anywhere from 5
to 60 seconds while the condition resolves itself.

It seems to be caused by a large volume of IMAP requests in parallel. We've
found it easier to reproduce with Apple's, which seems to retrieve
message lists, download attachments, etc in a highly multithreaded fashion,
than with OE or Vista Mail. Stress cases like opening 100 messages at once
while refreshing 10 folders in the same mailbox will generally produce the

I have a PSS case open, and I'll post anything back here that we discover,
but I wonder if anyone else has seen this and might have any pointers?


From: wcodyanderson on
Same issue here - multiple Mac clients using, periodic hangs
on Exchange server that seem to resolve themselves. It also affects
PC (Outlook) users to the extent that the CPU is getting eaten.

Any word from Microsoft PSS?


From: Rene Frenger on
It could be the anti-virus.
The Anti-virus for Exchange can be switched off with this registry key:
Enabled (REG_DWORD) put to 0.
The server doesn 't have to be restarted.



Rene Frenger

<zaffle(a)> wrote in message
> Hi,
> We have been dealing with a problem recently involving IMAP access to
> our Exchange 2003 server. In the past it has been running fine,
> however recently we have started to experience lockups on the IMAP
> access. Eventually only a reboot gets things working again.
> On turning up the event logging for the IMAP service, the following
> error appears many many times:
>> Event Type: Error
>> Event Source: IMAP4SVC
>> Event Category: General
>> Event ID: 1014
>> Date: 26/06/2007
>> Time: 8:38:33 a.m.
>> User: N/A
>> Computer: <removed>
>> Description:
>> An error occurred calling into the Microsoft Exchange Information Store
>> service: the call to
>> EcGetMessageProp failed with error 0x8004010f.
>> For more information, click
>> Data:
>> 0000: 72 05 62 00 r.b.
> We also on the odd occasion get:
> Source: IMAP4SVC, EventID 1014 An error occurred calling into the
> Microsoft Exchange Information Store service: the call to
> EcCheckFolderName failed with error 0x45c.
> Initially I thought I had successfully caused the first error
> (EcGetMesageProp) simply by telneting to the IMAP port, logging in,
> and listing folders, however later tests seem to indicate otherwise.
> So now, down the the meat of the question:
> What could be causing these error messages, and are they related to
> the problems we are experiencing with IMAP?
> Thanks,
> Nick Clifford