From: Thomas Jollans on
On 07/15/2010 09:13 AM, Monyl wrote:
>> Please be clearer about what you want.
>> 1. Animagedoes not "have" acolor, although each pixel in animage
>> does have acolor.
>> 2. Text in a web page does not (necessarily) have a font, although the
>> display engine will use a font of its choice to render text. And my
>> browser will probably use a different font than yours.
> Hi Gary Herron,
> 1.If I am going to click on a particular image. I will have click
> using the co-ordinates of an Image. Can we find the color of the pixel
> which lies in that particular co-ordinate where I click.

You haven't even told us which platform you're talking about.

This is a highly platform specific problem.

> 2.I just want to retrive the attributes of the text as it appears on
> the browser. Can I get the font value depending on the browsers.

If you want to know which font a browser is using to render something,
you'll have to, essentially, ask the browser!

I doubt this is something any browser would support, as it's hard to
imagine *any* practical use case. Should be possible by extending
firefox. (or any open source browser)

> Hope you understand my problem.

Not really.