From: Alexis on

I am trying to create an on the fly image of runway layouts but am
hitting a brick wall.

I have both the starting and ending coordinates of each runway, it's
length, as well as it's angle of direction (heading).

I can draw one runway without any problem, but where I am falling short
is how to 'scale', if that is the right word, the other runway(s) to
display properly in a 500x500px image

function imagepolarline($image,$x1,$y1,$length,$angle,$color)
$x2 = $x1 + cos( deg2rad($angle-90)) * $length;
$y2 = $y1 + sin( deg2rad($angle-90)) * $length;
imageline($image, $x1,$y1,$x2,$y2, $color);

//'base' coords


//if first runway
if ($d==0) {$xbase=abs($lon1);$ybase=abs($lat1);}
//for all others

Here is some test data if that would help:

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.