From: John Posner on
On 6/29/2010 12:51 PM, Thomas Jollans wrote:

> def rprimes():
> def elim_mult(n):
> yield n
> for p in filter((lambda x:x%n != 0), elim_mult(n+1)): yield p
> yield 1
> for p in elim_mult(2): yield p

Thomas, take a look at the thread "Generators/iterators, Pythonicity,
and primes" in the April 2009 archives of python-list. For example:

from itertools import ifilter, count
pgen = ifilter(
lambda n, primes=[]:
all(n%p for p in primes) and not primes.append(n),
for _ in range(50): print

From: Thomas Mlynarczyk on
Thomas Jollans schrieb:
> def primes():
> yield 1

1 is not a prime number.


Ce n'est pas parce qu'ils sont nombreux � avoir tort qu'ils ont raison!