From: Carl on
Thanks for your reply. I created the SQL statement as a string during
the testing/debugging process but removed that part when it worked
correctly. I'm going to put that back in to see the exact statement
being executed.

Dee Earley wrote:
> On 26/07/2010 21:05, Carl wrote:
>> I created a small executable which runs 5 days a week as a scheduled
>> task. It retrieves data from a MSAccess database and writes to an Oracle
>> database. I write to a log file to make sure the process runs to
>> completion. It worked fine for about two weeks then the app would abort,
>> but only intermittently which makes it very difficult for me to
>> troubleshoot. I tried a number of things without luck, and I am
>> currently pursuing the problem from the Oracle end of things but wanted
>> to see if anyone here has any advice.
> <SNIP>
> Have you tried logging the SQL statement being run?
> Assign it to a variable then execute that, and you can then include that
> in the log (as it won't be changed by anything else)
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