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I'm evaluating Babel 0.9.5 [1] under Windows (Python 2.6) and
have the following questions that I haven't been able to solve
through reading the documentation or googling.

1. I would like to use an _ like abbreviation for ungettext. Is
there a concencus on whether one should use n_ or N_ for this?

n_ does not appear to work. Babel does not extract text.

N_ appears to partially work. Babel extracts text like it does
for gettext, but does not format for ngettext (missing plural
argument and msgstr[ n ].)

2. Is there a way to set the initial msgstr fields like the
following when creating a POT file?

I suspect there may be a way to do this via Babel cfg files, but
I've been unable to find documentation on the Babel cfg file

"Project-Id-Version: PROJECT VERSION\n"
"Language-Team: en_US <LL(a)>\n"

3. Is there a way to preserve 'obsolete' msgid/msgstr's in our PO
files? When I use the Babel update command, newly created
obsolete strings are marked with #~ prefixes, but existing
obsolete message strings get deleted.