From: Martin v. Loewis on
Christopher Roach wrote:
> I have a script that I am working on to process a bunch of data. A
> good portion of the Tk-based GUI is driven by a large set of YAML data
> and I'd love to store that data inside of the script so that I can
> send just a single file to my colleague. Ruby has a mechanism for
> doing this whereby I can load the data by doing a YAML.load(DATA)
> which loads everything in the file after the __END__ keyword (for a
> better explanation of this see I was wondering
> if anyone knew of a way to do something similar in Python?

The common approach is to write

yaml data here

If you want to process the data in the same file, you can't really put
them at the end of the file - in fact, putting them at the beginning is
more common.