From: Kyle Barbour on
Thanks for all the responses! I feel so thoroughly helped :)

On Aug 2, 7:01 am, Marvin Gülker <sutn...(a)> wrote:
> By calling Dir.foreach("dir") you'll get "my_file" and "my_second_file".
> Your File.file? statement then checks for the presence of the filenames
> in the current working directory -- where they don't reside. Solution:
> Append "dir" to the filename.

Martin - thanks for the diagnosis, that makes perfect sense. Awesome.
That works very well and solves my problem!

On Aug 2, 6:05 am, Brian Candler <b.cand...(a)> wrote:
> As an alternative, Dir["etc/*"] builds an Array directly. So you could
> have:
> def get_files(dir)
>   Dir["#{dir}/*"].select { |x| File.file?(x) }
> end

Interesting, thanks! Is there any reason to prefer either this
solution or the one Martin gave in the above post?

Also: everyone, thanks for the newbie friendliness and for the general
advice (snake_case, negative logic, etc.). Thoroughly appreciated.