From: Doug Miller on
In article <21855fc0-131e-4af2-ab92-9e9827eb16c3(a)>, Andrew <anzenews(a)> wrote:
>I hope I can get close to Sun and avoid the flames... ;)
>First of all, I have read and fully understand numerous postings on
>Please: refrain from "don't do it" posts. I just want to know what can
>be done.

While you may have *read* "numerous postings on obfuscation" it is clear that
you do not *understand* them. The *only* way to effectively conceal the
workings of your scripts from prying eyes is to put them on your server.
*Anything* that's delivered client-side can be read by anyone. Since it must
be de-obfuscated by the client, it can be de-obfuscated by anyone with access
to the client (i.e. anyone who clicks on View | Source and takes the time to
read the code).