[PATCH 07/11] rwsem: smaller wrappers around rwsem_down_failed_common
More code can be pushed from rwsem_down_read_failed and rwsem_down_write_failed into rwsem_down_failed_common. Following change adding down_read_critical infrastructure support also enjoys having flags available in a register rather than having to fish it out in the struct rwsem_waiter... Signed-off-by: Michel... 24 May 2010 16:49
[PATCH 00/11] V4: rwsem changes + down_read_critical() proposal
This is version 4 of my rwsem changes. Changes since V3: - Split first x86 rwsem change in two smaller parts - Added David's rwsem_waiter_type enum suggestion into 'rwsem: down_read_critical infrastructure support' - Lots of minor style fixes and comments clarified I would hope the entire series can be co... 24 May 2010 16:49
[PATCH 05/11] rwsem: let RWSEM_WAITING_BIAS represent any number of waiting threads
Previously each waiting thread added a bias of RWSEM_WAITING_BIAS. With this change, the bias is added only once to indicate that the wait list is non-empty. This has a few nice properties which will be used in following changes: - when the spinlock is held and the waiter list is known to be non-empty, count <... 24 May 2010 16:49
[PATCH 06/11] rwsem: wake queued readers when writer blocks on active read lock
This change addresses the following situation: - Thread A acquires the rwsem for read - Thread B tries to acquire the rwsem for write, notices there is already an active owner for the rwsem. - Thread C tries to acquire the rwsem for read, notices that thread B already tried to acquire it. - Thread C grabs t... 24 May 2010 16:49
[PATCH 01/11] x86 rwsem: stay on fast path when count>0 in __up_write()
When count>0 there is no need to take the call_rwsem_wake path. If we did take that path, it would just return without doing anything due to the active count not being zero. Signed-off-by: Michel Lespinasse <walken(a)google.com> Acked-by: David Howells <dhowells(a)redhat.com> --- arch/x86/include/asm/rwsem.h | ... 24 May 2010 16:49
[PATCH 03/11] rwsem: fully separate code pathes to wake writers vs readers
This is in preparation to later changes in the series. In __rwsem_do_wake(), the first queued waiter is checked first in order to determine whether it's a writer or a reader. The code paths diverge at this point. The code that checks and increments the rwsem active count is duplicated on both sides - the point is... 24 May 2010 16:49
[PATCH] ieee1394: schedule for removal
All application domains that are supported by the old ieee1394 driver stack are supported by the newer firewire driver stack too. (FireWire audio came last, in 2.6.32.) There is now good and extensive experience with the newer stack from deployment in Fedora since F7 as well as by enthusiast users of other distri... 24 May 2010 15:42
[PATCH] USB: musb: fix Blackfin building after power updates
On Sat, May 22, 2010 at 10:49:08PM -0400, Mike Frysinger wrote: From: Ian Jeffray <ian(a)jeffray.co.uk> The new MUSB power code needs musb_read_txhubport() to return a value (so stub it as 0 like the other Blackfin hub funcs). It also needs new helper functions for saving/restoring context, so change the... 24 May 2010 15:42
[PATCH 0 of 12] PV on HVM Xen
Hi all, this is another update of the PV on HVM Xen series that addresses Jeremy's comments. The platform_pci hooks have been removed, suspend/resume for HVM domains is now much more similar to the PV case and shares the same do_suspend function. Alloc_xen_mmio_hook has been removed has well, now the memory alloc... 25 May 2010 06:56
[PATCH] sched: add wait_for_completion_killable_timeout
Hi guys, I need this patch (or something similar) to fix an issue with the way Ceph is waiting for MDS requests to complete. I'm assuming there's no specific reason the _killable_timeout variant was excluded? Can this go into .35? Thanks- sage --- From 1ae82e511ba1664691380ea5c630a94eec370166 Mon Sep... 24 May 2010 15:42