[PATCH] perf-record: Check correct pid when forking
When forking the child to be traced, we should check the correct return value from fork() and not a local variable which is otherwise unused. Signed-off-by: Borislav Petkov <bp(a)alien8.de> --- tools/perf/builtin-record.c | 3 +-- 1 files changed, 1 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-) diff --git a/tools/perf/buil... 31 May 2010 17:29
[Regression] [2.6.35-rc1][suspend to ram] BUG: using smp_processor_id() in preemptible [00000000] code: cat/3634
Last known good: 2.6.34 Failing kernel: 2.6.35-rc1 More info: After resume from suspend to ram I saw this message in dmesg: [ 484.658275] BUG: using smp_processor_id() in preemptible [00000000] code: cat/3634 [ 484.658285] caller is nr_iowait_cpu+0xe/0x1e [ 484.658288] Pid: 3634, comm: cat Not tainted 2.6.... 31 May 2010 17:29
[PATCH] staging: comedi - correct parameter gainlkup for DAQCard-6024E in driver ni_mio_cs.c
From: Martin Homuth-Rosemann <homuth-rosemann(a)gmx.net> Correct at least one of the incorrect specs for a national instrument data acquisition card DAQCard-6024E. This card has only four different gain settings (+-10V, +-5V, +-0.5V, +-0.05V). Signed-off-by: Martin Homuth-Rosemann <homuth-rosemann(a)gmx.net> --- ... 31 May 2010 17:29
module: fix bne2 "gave up waiting for init of module libcrc32c"
On Mon, 31 May 2010, Linus Torvalds wrote: It's entirely possible that an interim fix (if we can't just fix the locking) is to _not_ use "strong_try_module_get()" at all, but instead just use "try_module_get()", and then after we've dropped the module_mutex, but _before_ we call the "init" functi... 4 Jun 2010 19:12
[regression] Please add bug 15788 and 15969, usb sound / radeon kms broken after snapshot cycle
Hi Rafael, please add Bug 15788 - external usb sound card doesn't work after resume https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15788 to your regression list. And Bug 15969 - radeon regression couldn't schedule IB on resume with 2.6.34- rc7 https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15969 Tha... 3 Jun 2010 07:50
We are currently giving out loan of any type to any part of the world at 2% interest rate. Interested applicant should please contact Mr. Bernard Thompson with the email address bellow: mrbernard.thompson001(a)admin.in.th or call +44-7045709945 Regards. B&T 48HRS FINANCE LOAN -- To unsubscribe from this li... 31 May 2010 16:23
[Regression] [2.6.35-rc1] ssb_is_sprom_available
Last known good: 2.6.34 Failing kernel: 2.6.35-rc1 subsystem: PCI, USB(?) Kernel dies during booting on message "ssb_is_sprom_available", see picture: http://www.unixy.pl/maciek/download/kernel/2.6.35-rc1/gumis/DSC_0011.JPG Config: http://www.unixy.pl/maciek/download/kernel/2.6.35-rc1/gumis/config-2.6.35-rc... 31 May 2010 16:23
input/tps6507x-ts: zero vs NULL
On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 02:02:15PM +0200, Dan Carpenter wrote: This patch silences a sparse warning: drivers/input/touchscreen/tps6507x-ts.c:345:19: warning: Using plain integer as NULL pointer drivers/input/touchscreen/tps6507x-ts.c:367:19: warning: Using plain integer as NULL pointer Signe... 31 May 2010 17:29
input: Tone down logging from S3C touchscreen driver
On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 06:52:51PM +0100, Mark Brown wrote: The S3C touchscreen driver is logging at LOG_INFO on every stylus up event which spams the console needlessly. Reduce the priority of the message to debug level for some peace and quiet. Signed-off-by: Mark Brown <broonie(a)opensource.wolfsonmic... 31 May 2010 19:41
[PATCH 2/4] sched: adjust when cpu_active and cpuset configurations are updated during cpu on/offlining
Currently, when a cpu goes down, cpu_active is cleared before CPU_DOWN_PREPARE starts and cpuset configuration is updated from a default priority cpu notifier. When a cpu is coming up, it's set before CPU_ONLINE but cpuset configuration again is updated from the same cpu notifier. For cpu notifiers, this presen... 31 May 2010 15:17